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Tansun Sunbed Infomation

Tansun Sunbed Showroom
Tansun welcome all visitors to Tansuns contemporary showroom, where you can see and have a feel for the sunbeds Tansun manufacture, from commercial sunbeds through to home hire sunbeds. We are hear to offer any free sunbed advice and  any other products you require such as sunbed accessories, tanning accelerators, tanning tubes, sunbed pare parts.

Sunbed Training
Tansun Sunbeds offer a comprehensive training programme which takes place at Tansun Sunbeds headquarters in the dedicated training suite. It encompasses all health and safety, technical and scientific issues concerned with owning and managing a tanning facility. The Training is available to those who are looking for a refresh, who have taken over a salon or have recently purchased Tansun Sunbeds. Contact Tansun Sunbeds for more information.

Leading the way in developing superb tanning systems, Tansun is a name which inspires confidence. With over 20 years manufacturing
experience, all of our products exceed the most stringent international standards. They are cost effective, efficient and reliable and incorporate small details which make our units superior. You are gaining the benefit of our extensive experience, our innovative approach and unceasing desire to extend the boundaries of tanning technology.

Sunbed Regulations

Tansun offer sunbed tanning tubes fully compliant with the new European legislation to promote safe tanning all sunbeds Manufactured by Tansun are all 0.3W/m2.  If you are unsure if you sunbed is safe and 0.3W/m2 compliant, then call Tansun for advice. Make sure your sunbed is emitting the correct UV levels.

Tansun can come out and fit your tubes and take away your old ones, we can deliver tubes or you can come and collect from our premises based in the hub of the country in the West Midlands. We will also take away your old tubes and dispose of them in agreement with the correct regulations.

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