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Sunbeds Tansun Offers :
• Symphony
• Vitesse
• Vitesse Infra-Tan
• Viva
• Changing Area
• Home / Domestic Hire Sunbed


Sunbed Finance Options

Sunbed Purchase
Tansun offer the option of purchasing Tansun sunbeds out right, meaning you fully own the sunbed, with a 12 month Sunbed warranty.

Sunbed Rental
Tansun offer a 12 month or longer sunbed rental period on all sunbeds. Giving you financial flexibility, within renting we also offer sunbed service and maintenance within this option.

Sunbed Lease
Tansun offer leasing options, this is where the sunbed is paid for over duration of time by monthly instalments, then the sunbed is yours to own at the end of the payments.

Sunbed Profit share
Tansun offer an option of profit share on all Tansun Sunbeds. This is a perfect option for those that are starting up a new business, as you only pay for what you use and allow you to have the sunbed for free. With in this payment we also offer sunbed maintenance and tanning tube discount.



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