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Tansun the UK number one Commercial Sunbed manufacture and exporter of Tanning and Fitness equipment, and Radiant Heating. Tansun has been established for over 30 years excreting pride into every project, gaining extensive knowledge and expertise through research and development. Tansun always aims to manufacture innovative equipment to the up most superiority that delivers excellent results on every occasion. Tansun is a brand that inspires confidence, Tansun create and design all products with the customers needs in mind every time.

Tansun has been leading the way for 30 years with it pioneer manufacturing skills advancement of premium products. Tansun the family run business has grown from modest beginning to a substantial global firm with exports to over 60 countries worldwide.

Tansun’s 109,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in a prime location in central England offers spacious office, and Tansun’s modern showroom, training suite facilities as well as a state-of-the art manufacturing capability can be visited.  Its central location near the major motorways and Birmingham International Airport ensures that order logistics are straightforward to any part of the UK or beyond.

Luxury design, superior technology and outstanding performance are all important aspects which make the difference between an ordinary sunbed and an exceptional one. Every sunbed which Tansun manufactures has unique details which make it remarkable and distinguish our units from all others. These units combine the latest technological developments with pure ergonomic design and quality components to provide unparalleled performance. Available in a range of attractive colours to complement any salon décor our sunbeds are designed to enhance your business and offer years of trouble-free service.

Tansun offers a one-stop shop for all tanning related accessories and spare parts. The latest high performing tanning tubes are available plus an extensive range of tanning accelerator lotions and creams and a selection of accessories such as goggles, Winkease, tokens, record cards, marketing material, and genuine spare parts; tanning lamps, sunbed components etc

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